Forest Chem Chem

Located in Northern Tanzania, enjoy an experience that is only available exclusively. The two-bedroom family tent and luxury vintage tents are ideal for at most two children and six adults. While on the 16,000 acres of privately managed land, guests can partake in day/night drives, walking safaris, Maasai village visits, and so much more. Let Forest Chem Chem be the experience you and your family have been waiting for.


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Community Culinary School

Through a partnership program, the new community culinary school has opened to fulfill a need within the nearby South African community. The school houses 10 chefs, who will grow under the direction of other expertly-trained young commis chefs for a year. A new opportunity has recently become available to the guests of Singita Lebombo and Sweni Lodges. Such guests may now partake in a cooking class lead by the culinary school’s trained chefs and aid in the preservation of the African legacy.


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Exclusive use villas are dotted across the African travel landscape. These properties are inspired by the importance of spending quality time with loved ones. Travelers can experience a once in a lifetime adventure in pristine places with the highest level of personalized service. More than just ideally located, each villa is designed with the guests’ needs in mind, boasting comfortably spacious interiors with furnishings that strike the perfect balance between luxury and functionality, while exteriors branch out into nature and offer unhindered views of the unspoilt wilderness areas of which they are custodians. Additionally, each is also serviced by a full staff complement, including a chef and host, as well as a guide and private vehicle for games drives on the guests’ own schedule.

One of our favorite exclusive use properties is in the Grumeti region of northern Tanzania. Singita Explore is a mobile tented camp that offers a return to the simplicity and authenticity of safari life in the endless plains of the Serengeti. The khaki tents are as romantic as they are practical, while the use of solar power and the environmentally sensitive design of the camp means minimal energy consumption with the least possible ecological impact.

Photo by Singita

Photo by Singita


Ultimate Safaris is introducing Sossus Under Canvas. Located on the private 24,000 hectare Neuhof Nature Reserve bordering Sossusvlei, their camp is thirty minutes’ drive from the Sossusvlei gate and the gateway to the Great Namib Sand Sea -recently declared a World Heritage Site.

Sossus Under Canvas will be built in a naturally formed amphitheater of a south-facing granite outcrop. The camp offers eight tents, two of which are family units, and it will be open seasonally between April and November, offering a fantastic alternative to any traditional lodge in the Sossusvlei area

The camp will open in April of 2018and booked on an exclusive basis and privately guided - ideal for fly-in safaris. Activities will include game drives, nature walks, soaks in desert pools and star gazing. Sleep outs and multi-day walking safaris will also be offered for those fancying a longer stay. 



FAMILY SAFARI- Looking for a tiny private island for the whole family to enjoy? Look no further than Samatian Island Lodge. Located on Lake Baringo, this lodge sleeps 12 people and is home to wonderous birdlife. Since Samatian is totally private children and their adult compatriats can roam freely, safely.


SURFER HOLIDAY- Looking for a sublime surfing retreat? Look no further than St Francis Bay. This holiday village boasts whale spotting and rustic fishing villages as well.


"RUNNING WILD"- In the Kalahari desert, become part of the zebra herd on a unique horseback safari. The safari is open to different skill levels and all the horses are specifically chosen for their solid temperments. Enjoy fine wine, delicious food and the African landscape on a beautiful creature.

crossing an area that is favoured by zebra and wildebeest. We become part of the herds as they migrate across miles upon miles of open country – an outstanding experience.  The sheer exhilaration and rush of this experience is endemic to this space and indeed the most befitting finale to any horse riding safari that any rider could ever hope for.

Your last evening may be spent on a game-drive searching for the perfect spot to enjoy the sun setting across a bloodshot Kalahari Desert sky.

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DENSE FOREST- The image of a dark and dense forest comes to mind when describing tropical forests in Africa. So dense in fact, that one cannot even see through the trees! A unique aspect of the Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Congo are "biases."  These are clearings throughout the rainforest that provide an opportunity to see the forest wildlife! 


THANDA- Literally translating to love in isiZulu, Thanda is a luxury lodge in South Africa committed to providing the dream safari destination.With not only a conservations passion for the environment and Zulu culture, Thanda provides deep relaxation and exclusive ecounters with Africa's Big Five.


Tongabezi has seen the resident hippo population on their stretch of the Zambezi increase over their years of river stewardship. Between Chundu Island and Sindabezi Island there were once only 10 hippos; they believe the various pods now exceed 60. What’s bad for canoeing is great for the local ecosystem. There are a variety of safe water excursions such sundowners on remote sandbars, romantic sampan dinners, casual boat cruises, fun fishing expeditions, visits to the Maramba Market, tours of Victoria Falls, the Tujatane School and much more. 

This year Tujatane celebrates its 21st birthday! Visitors and volunteers have helped grow and support the sports, and the guidance and counseling departments. Donors provided the resources for bikes to be bought and distributed to the most vulnerable children who have the longest distance to make it to school. And new cooking stoves specifically designed for an African school are helping to improve the efficiency and eco-friendliness of the school feeding program. Finally, 17 additional desktop computers are on their way, bringing the computer lab to a total of 26 PCs ensuring greater opportunity for the children to develop their IT skills.

Photo by Tongabezi

Photo by Tongabezi


TUGELA FALLS- These complex seasonal waterfalls in the heart of Dragon's Mountains in South Africa are generally accepted as the world's second tallest waterfall. For the highly adventurous, there is a rugged camp site and mountain hut just above the falls!


UMLANI BUSHCAMP- Founded in 1989, this camp is the embodiment of the "African adventure." Built of all natural matierals, guests can enjoy Greater Kruger National Park and be part of the wilderness in a treehouse or ecohut.


INFINITE BLUE- At Pongwe Beach Hotel, the lines of turquoise and blue blend. With only 20 bungalows, the Pongwe Beach Hotel is intimate and unassuming. With most rooms facing the deep blue ocean and white sand, this hotel gets booked up quickly!


BIRDS POINT OF VIEW- Cape Town is already an easy place to experience a variety of visual pleasures. But, 11.7 recommends taking that a step further and experiencing Cape Town from above. The view of the peninsula is definitely worth it.


LAKES OF OUNIANGA- In the Sahara desert an oasis exists. With beautiful shapes and colors, the lakes of Ounianga are quite varied. The natural landscape speaks for itself.


ZAKOUMA- is known as "a sanctuary for West and Central African biodiversity." 66 mammal species can be found in Zakouma and 16 of those are large herbivores. This makes for a really exciting safari in Chad.


HIDDEN AFRICA- From the macro to the micro, Africa has hidden gems abound. Can you tell what creature this is?


THE KASBASH- Want to hang out where the sultan of Morocco once lived? Amongst carved wood ceilings and marbles courtyards? Look no further.